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Spirit Day

FRIDAYS_are_Critter_Spirit_Days Card IconFRIDAYS are Critter Spirit DaysTop of Page

ALL Fridays are Critter Spirit Days! Wear any and all of your Dry Creek Critter clothes and/or accessories. If you don't have any yet, stop by the office to pick up an order form. Every Dry Creek Critter needs their own Critter T-shirt!

Also, if you don't have Dry Creek shirts to wear, feel free to show your school spirit by wearing blue and white, our school colors.

Spirit_Days_Dressing_Up_Suggestions Card IconSpirit Days Dressing Up SuggestionsTop of Page

Blue and White
Display school spirit by wearing school colors of blue and white.
Choose your favorite hat and wear it to school.
Grade Level Colors
  • Kindergarten – wear yellow
  • First grade – wear green
  • Second grade – wear blue
  • Third grade – wear purple
  • Fourth grade – wear red
  • All Other Staff and Volunteers – wear orange
Suggestions for clothes might be jeans, overalls, flannel shirt, hat, bandana and/or boots.
Dress up in wild colors, miss-matched shoes, different colored socks and/or different patterns (i.e. stripes with polka dots).
Wear your favorite pajamas to school. No slippers, students must wear regular shoes.
Crazy Hair
Wear your hair spiked, pigtailed, pony tail, colored or with silly hair ornaments.
Suggestions could be teacher, electrician, fireman, police officer, business person, or nurse/doctor. 
Book Character
Choose a favorite character from any book and dress up like that character. Suggestions could be Flat Stanley, Harry Potter, Jack and Annie from Magic Tree House, Ramona Quimby, Superman, any Dr. Seuss character.
Wear jeans, white t-shirts, or wide skirts, scarf and blouse.
Select your favorite college and wear the school colors, hats or shirts from the college. (Sac State, UC Davis, Harvard, etc.)
Wear Hawaiian shirts, flowers, leis and beach hats.
Select a poem, carry it with you, and share it with others throughout the day. (Teachers can help with selecting poems.)
Wear your favorite sports jersey or team shirt.