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Support Staff

RSP Card Icon

Ms. Herrera- Room 10
Ms. Meteer- Room 10

Speech_Therapist Card Icon
Speech Therapist

Mrs. Spady- Room 11
Mr. Knudtson- Room 11

School_Counselor Card Icon
School Counselor

Ms. McGrath- Office

School_Psychologist Card IconSchool Psychologist

School_Nurse Card Icon
School Nurse

Mrs. Quitugua- Office and Room 24
Ms. Taylor- LVN, Office

VAPA Card Icon

Mrs. Jensen- Art Teacher
Ms. Miller- Art Teacher
Ms. Schapper- Art Teacher
Ms. Escobar- Music Teacher


Ms. Hernandez- Academic Intervention Specialist, Bilingual

Library_Media_Tech Card Icon
Library Media Tech

Cafeteria Card Icon

Ms. Emblem- Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Garcia- Cafeteria Worker
Ms. Harper- Cafeteria Worker
Mr. Maruk- Cafeteria Worker

Custodial_Staff Card Icon
Custodial Staff

Mr. Rick- Day Custodian
Mr. Martin- Night Custodian

Paraeducators Card Icon

Miss Nolee- RSP Para
Mrs. McGuire- Kindergarten Para
Miss Mercedez- SDC Para
Miss Lisa- SDC Para
Ms. Beltran- SDC Para
Mrs. Martinez- SDC Para
Mr. Amaya- SDC Para