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Our_Mission Card IconOur Mission

Our endeavor is for each member of our school community to respect our Critter Code. By understanding our code each of us feels capable, contributing and connected. We ask each of our students to be personally responsible for their learning in hopes of them becoming self-motivated life-long learners.
Critter Chant, Show your PAWS

School_Goals Card IconSchool Goals

  1. Safe, Respectful, and Clean Environment for All
  2. Raise Academic Achievement for All Students
  3. Parents, Staff, and Students Share Accountability for Student Success

The_Critter_Code Card IconThe Critter Code

I will be respect myself, others, and property.
I will be responsible for my behavior.
I will be punctual and prepared.
I will be safe.

We are here to learn. Therefore, I will do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching, and/or anyone from learning. I will cooperate with all school personnel. I will respect myself, others, and the environment. By acting this way, I am capable, connected, and contributing.

Click here for a PDF file of the Critter Code, so you can print one out to keep at home!