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School Procedures

Before-School Procedures:
  • Students may not arrive before 8:10 a.m.
  • At 8:10, any students needing breakfast will go into the cafeteria to eat. If they aren't eating, any 1st-4th grade students may go go to the big playground for Walking Club, and kinders may go directly to the kindergarten playground.
  • Students arriving by bus need to walk around through the playground to get to the cafeteria (can not cut through by the kindergarten classrooms).
  • No students are allowed in the halls before school begins.
  • Backpacks can be placed by designated areas on the playground.
  • Freeze all activity when students hear the freeze whistle.
  • Walk to class lines when students hear the "all-clear" whistle.
After-School Procedures:
  • Bus-riders need to walk quickly to the bus loading area over by the West Wing.
  • Students who are getting picked up by parents need to walk to the front of the school and wait in the three designated lines.
  • At Parent Pick-up, students many NOT run to cars across the street, or walk un-escorted across the crosswalk.
  • All students at Parent Pick-up need to wait for a teacher to walk them to their car, or give them permission to go to their car.
  • Parents in the pick-up line need to try to pull all the way forward in the circular drive, and need to remain in their cars at all times.

Parent_Pick-Up_Procedures Card IconParent Pick-Up Procedures

Dry Creek Staff has worked hard to come up with procedures for Parent Pick-Up after school, and the Safety Team would like to remind everyone of them so all students are safe, and we get you in and out carefully!
  • If you are picking up a student, enter the circular drive in the lane closest to the sidewalk.  A team member will be near the entrance to help direct through traffic to the inside of the drive and those picking up students toward the outside.
  • Cars moving through the drive need to proceed slowly and watch for children and walkers in the cross walk.  The crosswalk is located at the top of the circular drive in front of the covered sidewalk entrance to the office.
  • It would be helpful if there is a placard with the student’s name printed in large letters on the dashboard (hanging from the mirror would be great!).  Students will be called from the waiting area and placed in a numbered spot at the edge of the sidewalk. 
  • It is very important that parents do not pull out of line or change their line order.  Students have been place at the curb in the order their parents are in line.
  • Students CAN NOT be picked up from the lawn area under the trees or walk across G Street without a Safety Team member.  Parents may walk to the crosswalk and have a Safety Team member walk their student across the walk to them.  Students will NOT be allowed to leave the waiting area to walk through the cars to a car waiting in the thru traffic lane.
  • Please do not park at the curb in the circular drive and leave your car.  That slows the pick up process for everyone.  Also, there is NO PARKING on G Street.
These procedures were developed over the course of several years and have proven to be very successful when followed.  Wait time in line was drastically decreased.  The Safety Team is there to assure a timely and safe pick up for all students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Safety Team member.